Warlock Tiles : Town and Village Tiles: Town Square Expansion

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    With the WarLock™ Tiles: Town and Village: Town Square, the chase is on through the city streets. As the echoing footfalls on cobblestone fade into the night, only the heavy thud of a sewer lid around the corner betrays the location of the runaway thief. Will the adventurers get there in time? Take your players to a whole new level of game play when you add this set to your WarLock Tiles collection. You’ll be creating immersive pursuits and excursions through towns and cities in no time!

    16 Cobblestone Street Tiles
    18 Flagstone Sidewalk Tiles
    16 Half Street Tiles
    8 Street Inside Corner Tiles
    4 Street Outside Corner Tiles
    6 Flagstone Left Turn Tiles
    6 Flagstone Right Turn Tiles
    6 Cobblestone Left Turn Tiles
    6 Cobblestone Right Turn Tiles
    3 Metal Storm Drain Accesses
    3 Metal Storm Drain Lids
    3 Metal Sewer Accesses
    3 Metal Sewer Lids
    3 Iron Grates
    3 Flagstone Circle Accents
    3 Flagstone Square Accents
    3 Lampposts
    100 WarLock EZ Clips

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