Dino World

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    An archaeopteryx jumps through the thick ferns. But what the little primitive bird doesn't know, is a velociraptor has already spotted him. But even this agile hunter isn't sure when the big T-rex, who all the dinosaurs fear, will come! The player, who manages to push the dinosaur playing cards from the box so that they land on the most dinosaurs, captures the most prey. Players need to aim well and push their cards skillfully. 

    • 1 game box (= rock for the dinosaurs to jump off) 
    • 4 wooden game markers 
    • 52 dinosaur playing cards in five different sizes: 4x T-rex, 8x spinosaurus, 8x dilophosaurus, 16x velociraptor, 16x archaeopteryx 
    • 1 set of instructions

    - $14.99

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