Battle for Sularia: Blood, Profit, and Glory

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    From the publisher:


    Blood, Profit, and Glory is the first expansion for one of the most strategic and visually stunning card games of the year – Battle for Sularia! This new command pack expansion features exciting new Mercenary allies with amazing never before seen abilities that will challenge the mightiest Jotune warriors and lethal Synthien drones alike.


    Introducing 3 NEW keywords! – BOUNTY, QUICK, and BERSERKER. In addition to these powerful keywords, we have also added our first characteristic, known as Warrior, which is bestowed upon only the most tenacious of the Jotune fighting class.


    BOUNTY: X – This keyword allows a combatant to directly attack another combatant! Mechanically speaking, it enables a combatant to activate and deal damage equal to its BOUNTY value [X] to target combatant controlled by opponent, that combatant deals damage equal to its attack value back to the combatant with BOUNTY. Since this is an activated ability, it can happen at any time a combatant with BOUNTY could take an action! Keep one eye open with a bounty hunter around!


    QUICK – This keyword is very straight forward and simply enables a combatant to be deployed reset. And as a reminder, if a combatant is reset, they may be able to attack, defend, or use abilities as normal. It's not always the size of your gun, but how quick you draw it that will determine if you live or die.


    BERSERKER – This keyword is all about playing with aggressive combatants! Each time a combatant with BERSERKER declares an attack, their attack and defense values go up +1/+1! These combatants can definitely get out of hand if left unchecked.

    Warrior – These are not just mere combatants, they are warriors! Characteristics by themselves do not bestow any additional benefit to the combatant. However, there are cards in the game that affect combatants with specific characteristics, which typically results in sudden losses by the opponent.

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