Commander Legends is Coming!

by Games King Store

What is Commander Legends? It’s a special, Commander-focused Magic set that features 69 new and classic legendary creatures, as well as some awesome reprints, including Mana Drain and Rings of Brighthearth. Draft boosters will contain 20 cards, allowing you to play Commander as a draft format!

Pre-Release Week Begins 11/13/2020!

Beginning Friday, November 13th, we will be offering a “Pre-Release at Home” option for players interested in checking out the set before its official release. $39.99 will get you six Draft Boosters of Commander Legends + a Sengir, the Dark Baron promo card. Play at home with friends or just open the packs to check out the new cards a week early. Due to limited allocations, these Pre-Release at Home Buys will be limited to one per customer.

PLEASE NOTE: To get the Sengir, the Dark Baron promo, you will have to sign in to the Magic Companion App on your phone OR have an email linked to Magic Arena that we can use to enter you into the “event”

Commander Legends Releases 11/20/2020
The set will feature Draft boosters and Collector boosters!

Draft Boosters (20 card packs) - $7.99 each/ $139.99 per box (24)
Collector Boosters – $29.99 each / $269.99 per box (12)

Each full box purchase (Draft or Collector) will come with an exclusive Mana Confluence promo card while supplies last! First come, first serve. Call the store or buy one online if you would like to reserve a box!

To see everything click here: Commander Legends Preorders!

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