Selling your cards to the store

Our general buy policy for cards is:

Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon and Lorcana

  • Commons/Uncommons worth under $3: 1000 cards for $3 cash or $5 store credit.
  • Higher rarity cards that we would sell for less than $3 at $0.10 each.
  • Cards worth more than $3 at 40% cash or 60% store credit.

    You must be 18 to sell cards (or be present with a parent or guardian) and possess a valid government ID. We may make a copy of the ID for collections as needed.

    We ask that you schedule appointments if you think your collection is worth over $300 by calling the store at 712-224-4238

    We reserve the right to turn down any collections, and sometimes do for the following reasons:

    • Poor condition
    • Amount already in-stock
    • Counterfeit concerns
    • Theft concerns
    • Undesirable bulk (Pokemon Chaff, Magic Welcome Deck Cards, ect)

    Our system automatically pulls prices from TCGplayer and other sources. Currently it cant generate prices for foreign language cards or graded cards, so we are not actively buying those.