Prerelease and Pre-Orders for Zendikar Rising

by Games King Store

Wizards of the Coast has asked stores in North America not to run in-store events during the Pandemic (including the Prerelease for this set). They have expanded the window you can get Prerelease products. 

Zendikar Rising Prerelease Schedule

Starting Friday the 18th, while supplies last:

Zendikar Rising Prerelease Kit – $29.99
Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Box – $115.00

Zendikar Rising Release Schedule

This one is complicated. Half of our products have delays from the pandemic. We will have some Set Boosters and Collector Boosters for release, but we are no longer taking preorders. We are taking wishlists for customers who are looking for those. Please contact the store to put your name down if you are looking for a full box of those. We will not have any bundles for release.

We will have some more Draft Boosters and Commander Decks. If there is anything you are looking for this set, please get in touch with us at (712) 224-4238 or We estimate the other half our products to start arriving 7-10 days after 09/25/2020.

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