Catan: Treasures, Dragons, & Adventurers

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    CATAN connoisseurs rejoice! A digital fan-favorite for many years, CATAN – Treasures, Dragons & Adventurers adds depth and variety to CATAN, Seafarers, and Cities & Knights. It’s a set of scenarios for the truest CATAN fans. You and your opponents will defeat dragons, dig canals, and discover islands off the Catanian coast—along with all the treasures they conceal. With a plethora of new game components, this game is a must-have for dedicated players who love to modify existing scenarios or get creative to invent their own maps and scenarios. Let your imagination run wild! This set of six scenarios requires CATAN, and the Seafarers and Cities & Knights expansions.

    19 hex tiles (12 terrain, 6 sea/desert)
    2 sea frame pieces
    9 canal tokens
    16 cities in four player colors
    19 wooden dragon figures
    19 flag stickers
    12 number tokens
    20 treasure tokens
    5 zipper bags

    - $47.00

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