Dragon Ball Super Booster

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    Legendary Warriors! Eternal Foes! Experience the blazing-fast battles of Dragon Ball - as a card game - with Dragon Ball Super! A fast-and-furious, two-player, competitive trading card game, players in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game create powerful, unpredictable, totally mind-blowing decks showcasing a Leader (with Battle and Extra cards) to fight it out for ultimate supremacy! The Dragon Ball Super Card Game unleashes brand-new characters like SSGSS Son Goku, Vegeta, and Golden Frieza, as well as Champa and the warriors of Universe 6, while Frieza Force and Broly join the line-up among Dragon Ball Z`s classic all-star cast! Plus, tap into Dragon Ball`s evolution and intense battles with `Awaken` and the innovative `Combo System`.

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