Fantasy Flight Supply: Board Game Sleeves Square Size

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    The wait for Square Card Sleeves is over! Players have long expressed their desire to sleeve cards for games like Power Grid™, Catan Card Game™, and The Rivals for Catan™, and Fantasy Flight Supply has responded. Measuring 70 x 70 mm, Fantasy Flight Supply Square Card Sleeves fit cards from these games nice and snugly, as well as other cards of similar size.


    Made from clear, 100 micron polypropylene plastic, these sleeves are both PVC and acid-free.


    Key Selling Points

    • A great, new option to protect square gaming cards from popular board games

    • Durable 100 micron-thick polypropelene plastic provides top-quality protection

    • Snugly fits cards for Power Grid™, Catan Card Game™, and other games

    - $3.50

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