Sky Castle - Glow in the Dark Dice Bag

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    If you are looking for a quality gaming bag, look no further. Our bags are all handmade in the USA and constructed to stand the test of time. 


    This drawstring bag is perfect for your tabletop gaming needs! Not only can this bag hold over 20 sets of D&D dice (more than 150 dice!), it can also hold many other tabletop gaming items; miniatures, counters, tokens, collectible trading card games (magic the gathering, pokemon, yugioh, etc.), miniature paints and accessories, board game pieces, decks of cards, dice games, and much more! - The only limit to what this bag can hold is it's 4"x4"x6" size and your imagination!



    * Quality construction from high-quality polyester suede and cotton fabrics.

    * The bottom measures 4"x4" and stands 6" tall.

    * Reversible design - It's like having two bags in one!

    * Holds around 150 dice - That's more than 20 sets of D&D dice!

    * Squared bottom bag allows the bag to stand open and upright on your table for easy access to your dice.

    * Signature red cord lock closes your bag tight so you won't spill or lose any dice.

    * Drawstring is made from quality 550 nylon paracord.


    This line of dice bags uses an amazing embroidery design from


    *Please note all images are as close to the real product as possible. Due to different display settings, computers and mobile devices might display colors a bit differently.

    * Dice are not included.

    - $20.00

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